Climate emergency – more good news

“The French parliament on Saturday, April 11th, voted to abolish certain domestic air routes that can also be made by train in less than 2.5 hours. This is just one of the many propositions in the government’s flagship climate bill currently under scrutiny by lawmakers”.

Step by step, people are beginning to act. Of course, we need much more of the same.

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Good news in the struggle against climate emergency

Sleeper trains in Europe are poised to make a huge comeback after four national railway companies announced new routes that will link up 13 cities across the continent. The announcement marks the biggest extension of the European night train network in years – it was just four years ago that Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s state railway, sold off all its sleeper cars, declaring them unprofitable because of low passenger numbers”.

This is truly excellent news, and we need much more of the same.

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