Beware extreme populists on all sides

People like Donald Trump and his right-wing populist ilk are easy to condemn, as they should be. They are so utterly at odds with the modern world, and it is obvious than sooner or later they will become irrelevant.

The same should go for their left-wing counterparts; for every Trump and Bolsonaro, there are extremists at the other end of the political spectrum.

These people, all of them and on all sides, represent a grave danger to democracy and progressive values. The sooner we return to, or rather evolve into what we may deem imperfect political sanity, the better.

Below is a timely reminder of the danger of extremist populism.

“Who betrayed the revolution? It’s a question exercising Cubans after last week’s harsh regime crackdown on street protesters marching for freedom. It’s also a conundrum for other erstwhile liberation movements now wielding power in places as far apart as South Africa, Nicaragua and Palestine. Too often, it seems, the new bosses behave little better than the old bosses they overthrew”.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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