Our values

This is what matters to us. The list will evolve and expand organically.

  • Evidence-based politics. Policies must be devised based exclusively on information, research and results as found in the real world.
  • We abhor and reject destructive nationalism and populism, wherever it comes from. Identity, language, communities and local-community values can be exceedingly important in people’s lives, but they must never be used to stoke up hatred of others. We will oppose these tendencies as much as is in our power.
  • We stand for Universal Basic Services (UBS), preferably together with Universal Basic Income. This is a radical, bold concept that aims to eventually provide “shelter, sustenance, health & care, education, local transport, information access, and legal & democracy support, at a level that enables every member of society to maintain their material safety, and embark on efforts to make their personal contribution to the rest of their society”. We believe that UBS can significantly increase opportunity, reduce inequality, raise the quality of life and help environment. We believe that UBS is the best way forward in terms of viability, impact and cost.
  • We want fair and sustainable economy. We need a vibrant mix of public and private enterprise which will create jobs and fund public services. Economy must always be geared towards improving lives of ordinary people.
  • We fundamentally believe in equality of all human beings.
  • We believe in tolerance, well-crafted argument and debate.
  • We strive to support security, community and cooperation while also fighting inequality, discrimination and unfair governance. We evolve our policies with these principles in mind.
  • We resist digressive policy or ideology that endangers security, equality and development. We do not resist private practice or personal beliefs, but the interest of progressive and “most-equal” society will be our precedential factor in decision-making.
  • Freedom of expression and debate are of fundamental importance and as long as they do not purposefully spread false information, hatred of other groups, unfounded claims and blatant lies, they will be allowed in all public forums.