EU should abolish national veto and introduce alternatives

It is clear that this topic requires far more research and debate, but every suggestion should be welcome.

At present, national veto in the EU makes the whole system, in some areas at least, slow and inefficient. Examples range from tax policy to foreign affairs and others.

We believe that the EU should gradually abolish the national veto in favour of alternatives. One such alternative, already considered and hopefully implemented, is qualified majority vote.

We also believe that a ‘veto coalition’ of three could be a viable alternative. It would mean member states having to convince at least two other member states of their case in order to have a veto on a particular issue. This would prevent states pursuing harmful policies at the expense of the whole of EU (for example, Greece’s long-term veto on what is now North Macedonia), and it would change the political dynamics of the Union.

The system needs improving and these are some common-sense solutions that need to be debated.

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