USA should think very carefully about its next leader

It seems almost inevitable that Joe Biden will secure the Democratic nomination and face the incumbent, Donald Trump, in the presidential election in November.

This opens up a number of issues, to do with the ability to lead, trustworthiness and the very direction the country is taking.

Elections in the USA are of global importance and consequence – because of the country’s size, power and influence. What is at stake this time is its place in the world and the medium-to-long-term vision for the future.

Populism, especially in extreme times, can be accepted – for a while and by a section of the general public. However, populism is unable to deal with specific problems and emergencies. One should look no further than the coronavirus crisis. President Trump seems unable to address the issue, let alone deal with it. This may be putting many lives at risk.

Regardless of political preferences, what is needed in times of crisis are cool heads and the ability to inspire and lead. This is also applicable to countries at crossroads, and the USA seems to be in that place.

It is said that people have the government they deserve. For a great country like the USA, if it wants to reaffirm its influence and at least partial progressive purpose, it is imperative to think carefully and choose wisely.  

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