Make America sane again

It is not easy to say something new about this presidential race, given how much has been written and commented upon. However, it is important to make a stand.

Most Americans have by now either decided who they are going to support, of have already voted in what is likely to be a record turnout.

We believe that the choice is rather obvious this time. Anyone who believes in democracy and international order, who cares about human rights, environment and racial equality should do their duty and vote for Joe Biden. The choice is now beyond mere party politics.   

Mr Trump’s handling of the covid pandemic has been catastrophically inept. He was not even able to protect himself from the virus, let alone his country, in a grim hour of need.  

If Mr Trump is re-elected, the consequences for the environment could be dire. It may well be impossible to keep global temperatures in check. This alone should decisively point to the correct choice, but we also need to look at related issues, such as food security.

The world needs America that is not detached from reality. We live in a turbulent, inter-connected world which needs cooperation, perhaps more than ever. Pandering to dictators and strongmen does nothing for the prospects of peaceful cooperation, or indeed for America’s image in the rest of the world.

It is extremely important to put trust back into institutions of government and the discredited American democratic process. State Department is certainly a case in point. It needs to find its feet again and far more comprehensively engage with the international community. Mr Trump, even if he wanted to, is not the person for this task.

Disturbingly, Mr Trump seems intent on using race relations to sow yet more division in America. This is deeply immoral and possibly very dangerous. 

As for Mr Biden, he is an imperfect but fundamentally decent person and politician. As such, he is a vast improvement on the incumbent. In the current circumstances, this ought to be more than enough. Electing Mr Biden would be a step in the right direction, by no means the end of the process of badly needed change.  

For reasons stated above and many others, Joe Biden is the only just, decent and logical choice.

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